What is a CryoSauna unit?

The CryoSauna or CryoCabin unit is similar to an upright tanning bed. Your body from your neck down experiences the chill while your face and head remains unaffected. The experience is holistic and non-invasive, chilling the body’s skin surface for 2-3 minutes by the use of Nitrogen mist. It's unequaled in the form of holistic cold therapy.

What does cold exposure do and why should I consider it?

*Increases Norepinephrine (NE): A neurotransmitter, which has a profound effect on vigilance, attention span and mood. NE also aids in the body's ability to decrease inflammation and pain associated with inflammatory diseases. 

*Cold Shock Proteins, the brain repairmen, is shown to be elevated up to 3 days after exposure to the cold. These proteins may pose as significant puzzle pieces into combatting cellular degeneration and aging.

*Improves the immune function. How? By increasing our immune cells! Regular cold exposure has been shown to increase white blood cell count (active in killing cancer cells) and increase other benefical immune cells.

*Increases Antioxidant Activity: Cold exposure has been shown to activate invaluable naturally occurring genetic anti-oxidizing systems in our bodies which are more powerful than supplemental antioxidants. 

*Increases metabolism by forcing the body to produce heat or Thermogenesis resulting in a holistic calorie burn.


Athletic Performance & Recovery

Athletes of all ages work hard to stay at the peak of their physical condition. With the use of Cryotherapy, athletes  can recover faster which enables them to reach a higher level of athletic performance.


Beauty & Wellness

Good health is the foundation of all beauty. Cryotherapy clients enjoy an increase in metabolism, firmer / tighter skin, increased collagen production and even a boost to their metabolism for a holistic calorie burn.  


Health & Pain Management

Cryotherapy clients have experienced positive results with health challenges such as arthritis, chronic pain, and muscle inflammation.