Single Sessions starting at $40. 

Studies show that Cryotherapy is most effective when it is used on a consistent basis. For the average person to obtain optimal results, we recommend 3 to 5 Cryotherapy treatments the first week. After that, we will help you find a maintenance plan that fits your needs. There are cumulative and residual effects, so depending on your level of pain, sports recovery needs or just searching for an alternative method of health and wellness, Cryotherapy could prove to be what you're looking for. Whatever your needs, we can design a plan that’s right for you.

We cater to you! Let us make your next corporate event or outing as pain free as possible. Treat your clients and team members to a unique cool, invigorating and healthy experience.

Single Session

Single Session


Why Not Give It A Try!


3 Sessions


Cryo Wellness

5 Sessions


Cryo Recovery

10 Sessions



Membership Packages

For total body recovery, visit The Recovery Room to make an appointment. 

  • Onsite volume discounts available for 25++ visits / day at the same location 
  • Private treatments within city limits are $50 per session. We come to you!
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